• The Load3:29
  • First Ride Of Spring4:12


It seems like old friends like us have earned each others' trust
We already know what we're gonna do
We've been playing these songs for so long
I can't imagine playing them without you 

I'll never take for grated that the seeds that we've planted
Have grown up into these tunes
I'll raise my glass to all the good times past
And here's to something new 


I'd like to give you an ovation
I'd like to show some gratitude
I'd like to have a celebration
Just a way to say my life is so much better with you 

This goes out to those who have chosen to show up
At nearly every show
Who knows where we'd be if you didn't care
Enough to show your support

If there's only one man or a thousand
We'll try to put out best foot forth
And play every show like it might be our last
And hell who ever really know


Start All Over

Let's wipe the slate clean and start all over again
Take another look at how the whole thing began
There's angels in the darkness and there's devils in the light
Let's turn the whole thing upside down and start all over tonight

Everything you thought you knew just doesn't make sense
The sky's filled with advertising the border has a fence
Pluto's not a planet and red Mars is full of life
Let's turn the whole thing upside down and start all over tonight

We're all so disconnected the humanity's gone
We text and we type and never talk to anyone
And the drones fight our wars and we all watch the highlights
Let's turn the whole thing upside down and start all over tonight

Politicians lie and don't even try to disguise
The people act indifferent and nobody's surprised
But the meek will have the Earth, and the greedy in the welfare line
Let's turn the whole thing upside down and start all over tonight

Early Grapes

We harvested early, before we were ripe
We just couldn't wait, it felt so right
There's no bitter taste, nothing left behind
We turned early grapes, into fine wine 

The rustic tannins, and lilac tones
Were more than expected, were more than we'd hoped
We were one and restless, and we jumped from the vine
To turn early grapes, into fine wine 

They said the climate wasn't right, that our color was all wrong
That we'd never make it, we were way too young
That we should have waited, that it wasn't our time
To turn early grapes, into fine wine 

They said we were foolish, that it couldn't be done
They laughed in our faces, but we knew our day would come
Now those who were laughing, are standing in line
To taste our early grapes, to taste our fine fine wine
To taste our early grapes, the finest wine

Ariadne's Thread

She's always used Ariadne's thread
To satisfy her mind and to clear her head
She'll think it through, check it off her list
She loves to say she's a scientist

She's made a plan, she'll follow her design
A mystery man, he couldn't be a sign
She'll find an answer, explain it all away
She can't see the beauty in grey 


Ariadne's thread, so calculated
Ariadne's thread, she's all alone
She'll pull the string and come unraveled
She can't measure love, she can't measure hope

She doesn't mind a little backtracking
Because she's living a life without any passion
Her desired end, her burden of proof
She wants it right, she wants the truth 



First Ride of Spring

Coming down from the clouds I'm gonna wake up all my senses
Big sky abounds open air and no fences
Far far away from all the gossip back in town
Only the arms of gravity can hold us now


Part the prairies, Over Meadows, and on down the mountainside
Through the valleys, into the shadows, let me take you for a ride 

The winter was deflating, just heading south and waiting
Anticipating the first ride of spring
My soul and spirit's lifted as the tires roll over earth
I'm breaking and shifting this is my rebirth 


There's wildflowers in bloom, it's coming on June
The birds have returned and they're carrying a tune
All the little tributaries and the water all around
This is my sanctuary this is hallowed ground 


Let me take you for a ride

Small Town Stars

You come from small, you long for big
Ready to make the sacrifice
Recognize opportunity
Move to make a better life


And when you get drawn to that big city
And you're trying to find out who you are
The lights may be bright and they may be pretty
But they don't shine like those small town stars 

Every town's got fault lines
You pick your side and play your part
Where you choose to place your roots
It can't shake who you are 


You come from small, you dream big
With your heart your only guide
Listen to your intuition
And hear that voice calling from inside 


The Load


It's not the load that weighs you down, it's the way that you carry it
It's not the load that weighs you down, and there ain't no easy load
It's not the load that weighs you down, it's the way that you carry it
Any way that you carry it, you've got to carry your own load

We've all got troubles we've all got demons
Some believe in hell some believe in Eden
Some tie the tourniquet to try to find a feeling
And we wake each day giving thanks that they're still breathing


Some folks survive strictly by will
Some need routine like they're doing their drills
Some carry the cross and are laden with guilt
And some numb the pain with their alcohol and pills


Some men pray with folded hands
Some kneel to some faraway eastern land
No matter where you go well a man is just a man
And there are truths that we all understand 


Song of the Swallow

If she can take each moment like she'll take each breath
If she can take each challenge like she'll take each step
And never get too far ahead or behind
Just living in the moment above the world so high 


She'll be singing the song of the swallow
She won't hold a grudge, she won't bury sorrow
Open up her heart and let forgiveness follow (mind, wisdom follow)
She won't borrow time, she knows the melody 

If she can take each day like she'll take each friend
If she can live and love like it would never end
And let them come and go just like the daylight
And step into the shadows when its time for them to shine 


When the sun arises and awakens the morn
She'll make a clean slate like she's been reborn
There's safety in numbers and ideas come from one
And she's never been afraid of being alone 


Nolan McKelvey



I've been on the road so long my eyes are fading but my will is strong
Gonna roll the window all the way down gonna breath in the night
Basting in the sun from dusk til dawn racing the dark and I almost won
The stars emerging from the twilight just to be my guide

I've seen everything a man can see, seen purple mountains Majesty
I've seen the wind make waves of water over fields of grain
I've crossed over rivers and I skirted the lakes and I've seen the sun rise on my darkest day
Over bridges and through the tunnels and back and fourth and back again 


But I'm going Home to the mountain, Home to my friends, Home to my family, I'm heading home again

I've been up and down both of the coasts missing the ones I love the most
Stretching dollars out of pennies over broken white lines
I went south on the odds and east on the evens with stories not even I believe
I went north into the pines but I'm heading west tonight 

My headlights are blinding and I ain't seen the rain since I climbed up out of the plains
The moon in my mirror is lighting up the canyon floor
I'm counting the miles and converting to minutes, I'm almost there I'm almost finished
I'm gonna break the tape on the front porch I'm gonna open up that door.