Dreams for You 

I’ve got dreams for you, but you’ll have your own
I’ll step into the shadows, and let your light glow
As you take your steps forward and spread your wings
I’ll be open to your hopes and whatever life brings

I’ve got hopes for you, but you’ll have your own
I won’t do things for you, that’ll help you grow
I’ll be right behind you, to catch your fall
And I’ll reach out my hand, to help you over the wall 


Because my wish for you, is a better life than mine
But only you will know, just how that’s defined
And I’m trying to make it a hard hard, hill to climb
Mindful of my love, thankful that you’re mine 

When you find another, to share your life
I’ll share your love, as long as they’re kind
And if ever you need, to find your way home
I’ll be waiting there for you, with open arms 

I’ve got dreams for you, but you’ll have your own
You’ll get more love, than you could ever know
So when you leave here, in the days to come
Don’t forget who you are, and where you come from 


Gold, or a Silver Lining 

I was 17 when I left my home
Chasing a dream of California gold
I went west, all the way to the coast
With nothing but my word, my back and my clothes 

I was standing in the stream
Because I’d been told
There might be a seam
A seam of gold 

I’d been panning
I’d been pining
Searching for gold,
Or a silver lining 

My very first week
I found some dust
Then my knees got weak
And my pan went rust 

It was all around me
I’d see them every night
Standing at the scales
Circling the prize 

After 6 months
I dug me a hole
I found nothing up above
I thought I’d try below 

No more panning
Now I’m mining
Searching for gold
Or a silver lining 

Every morning I’d wake
And I’d tie to the rope
I’d bring my pick ax
Down into the hole
I’d come out at dusk
Back in at sunrise
I was skin and bones
But still no prize 

Now it’s been two years
They call me a bust
All I got is fears
Fears and musts

I’ve got a longing soul
And my spirit’s broke
No silver lining
No seam of gold
I’m done with mining
I’m going home

Same old Song

She’s writing she’s writing the dawn away
On another late night with too much to drink
She listens to the wind for the words to say
She’s had too much too much too much time to think 

She’s dreaming she’s dreaming of days gone by
If she can change her lines she can change her mind
She walks these streets beneath the neon signs
She’s praying she’s praying for second chances tonight 


So she’ll repossess the past
With a lonesome chorus
And gather up the pieces
Of a broken heart
But the refrain won’t last
Just a brand new melody
On the same old song
She’s been singing from the start

She’s holding she’s holding onto her mistakes
With a mind full of memories that she can’t erase
She’s willing to do whatever it takes
But the words the words they can never explain 



Coat of Arms 

Years go by and lessons learned 
There's one bridge you can never burn
Wear out your sole and lose your shirt 
When life is hard and love is hurt 


This coat of arms will keep you warm 
When your days are cold and your nights are long
It's your comfort in the face of harm 
It's your shelter from the storm, it's well-worn, this coat of arms 

Some have tried to run and hide
While others have worn this coat with pride
It's been torn and patched so many times 
From the day you were born to the day you'll die


A finer cloth you'll never know
No tailor's thread could ever sew
A fit so close to touch your soul 
No measure for how deep it goes 

One Family 

Faith is not a rock to hold
It’s a river of undivided flow
We learn to swim
We learn to row
Faith will take us where we go 

The truth stands tall
Unafraid to bow
The truth is only attended by doubt
The more we test
The more we know
The truth will take us where we go 


What is faith?
What is Truth?
What is love?
Who are you?
To stand alone
Betrayed by creed
Raze your wall
One Family 

Love it heals the open wounds
Love has no walls
Love has no rules
Love is not some distant goal
Love will take us where we go

So let the river deliver me home
Let the truth flood over our souls
And let this love
make all of us whole
We take each other where we go

The Day They Silenced the Horn 

Well the rails the rails they built this town
For so many years we’ve been haunted by the sound
Of freight wheels rolling over tracks well-worn
I remember the day they silenced the horn 

The train it came like so many times before
People waved from the windows of the downtown stores
The engineer pulled the chord and he woke up the morn
I remember the day they silenced the horn 

The train gave warning the same way for years
And the sound rained down over jubilant cheers
A new day is dawning our town is reborn
I remember the day they silenced the horn 

Now some folks they say a little part of us died
How we strayed we strayed from what kept us alive
How the fabric of our town is torn
I remember the day they silenced the horn 

The smoke filled the air on the tracks that day
And nobody spoke as the train pulled away
Now they all roll by like the eye of the storm
I remember the day they silenced the horn 

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Over the Divide

Since your heart left I can’t catch my breath
I’ve been chasing demons and shadows of death
Through the canyons and chasms
Spreading wide in my mind

Reach out your hand and we’ll chart a new course
I’ll sing the verse if you’ll sing the chorus
We can see the tree among the forest
Apart we’ll sparkle, together we’ll shine 


I’ll play the bass, if you play the fiddle
Let the mandolin take us to the middle
Where the guitar’s strumming the bridge
Over the divide 

You were always right in my heart and my mind
But we drifted apart like ships in the night
Until somebody saw that lighthouse light
And we reunited on the tide 

But the songs’ not the same since your heart’s been gone
The melody’s fine but it’s lonesome alone
I need your voice to take it home
Can you find your line just one more time? 


Come together right now
And bridge the divide 

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Twilight Too

Twilight the night is young
the record’s spinnin’ our favorite song
a bottle of wine and you
in the twilight

Day is for work night is for dreams
my favorite time I is the time in-between
with my arms around you
in the twilight


A front porch swing on a stormy spring morning
kicking leaves on an autumn afternoon
stars shinin’ bright on a white winter night
They can’t rival this twilight with you

In summertime when days are long
the moon will rise before the setting sun
turns the west that brilliant hue
in the twilight


As years go by and memories fade
I won't forget the love that we made
at the end of our days with you
in the twilightType your paragraph here.

Nolan McKelvey


How Do You Measure Sacred? 

They’re poisoning the peaks
At all of our expense
With a view that reeks
Of greed and arrogance
It’s a slippery slope
And they’re hand in glove
With the devil eloped
We gotta lead with love 

Pre Chorus 

So we’ll gather out at Snowbowl Road
Where they’re playing God with the weather
And they’re breaking the natural code
So we’ll come together 


To ask them how do you measure sacred?
Can your man put a number on that?
Will your conscious mind forsake you?
Do you fear the mountain’s wrath? 

They’re poisoning the peaks
While we beat the drum
The earth shakes beneath their feet
But this can’t be undone 

It’s a slippery slope
I pray to god above
We can lead with hope
And they can follow up

Pre chorus

Saint Patrick’s Day 

Let’s go down to where the blarney’s spoken
Where the pints are poured and young hearts are broken
To hear the fiddle and the bodhran play
A song for home and to celebrate

Here’s to Saint Patrick and here’s to Ireland
His blood in our souls and her soil on our hands
Here’s to Saint Patrick let me hear you say
Hey! Hey! We’re all Irish today 

Town by town and clan by clan
He drove the serpents from the land
He’s known far and wide in fable and lore
From County Down to the Cliffs of Moher 


With the wind at your back find your rising road
May green and orange find a white flag to hold
May your mind always seek may your belly be full
May your love take you places you never dreamed you’d go 

This Night Divine

Evening falls on the continent
As the heavy-lidded sun is laid to rest
The ebullient colors of the western sky
Pull the covers over us and usher in the night 

Crepuscular light over you and me
Blessed to recognize this is where we want to be
As the stars emerge up over head
And the breath of the day succumbs to it 


So we’ll drive until the light of morning
Let our eyes drink in the sunrise
Let our memories share the story
Of this night so divine 

The stars are so much brighter here
The breadth of our dominion never felt so clear
As we drive into the night embracing black
Distant doors evoke hope as you lay your head back 

The night the night the great equalizer
When it’s complete you’ll recognize her
The stars overhead our dreams to chase
Leaving no regrets at the end of our days

  • 4:22
  • 3:25

Songbird Sings

The aspen leaves are spinnin’
Searching the skyline for a sign
As darkness falls on autumn
Holding on to their boughs for life 

They got their warning yellow
And they know that it’s all by design
In winter’s morning bellow
Trying not to be jealous of the pines 


Even though we know change is coming
When darkness reigns as King
Somehow we’ll always act surprised
When the songbird sings 

Some will cheer the snow’s arrival
Some will have the instinct to cling
To something primitive and tribal
Survival transcends all things

When that last leaf has fallen
We’ll know that winter’s spread her wings
Until that songbird comes a calling
Signaling the arrival of spring